This is dedicated  for the acknowledgment to all known coaches and volunteers that has given up their time and served Meanwood ABC



Founder  Mr Harry Pinkney

                 Mr Vince Flynn

                 Mr Kevin Cunningham

                 Mr Dennis McCann

                 Mr Wayne Cunningham

                 Mr David Powell

                 Mr Terry Obrian

                 Mr Peter McCann

                 Mr James Flannery

                 Mr Matthew Parker

                 Miss Zoe Teanby

                  Mrs Roxanne Gray

                 Mr Jim Duffy

                 MR Craig Rainey



             Volunteers Club Support               Committee                        


            Seana Danielle Mcmahon                  Mike Hall

            Rebecca Cunningham                          Daniel Simpson

            Sarah Richardson                                 Simon Woods

            Kellie Mara                                             Roxanne Gray      

            Wendy Hewitt                                       Wayne Cunningham

                                                                              Richard Liles

                                                                              Zoe Teanby

                                                                              Sarah Richardson

Please email if you or anyone served the club as we want to acknowledge all efforts as this is why we are still here today.