Harry started back in the sixties at Montague Burtons with his good pal Vince Flynn under Jack Wooley and Tommy
Formidable fighters from that era included Harry’s own son Michael, the Gale brothers, the
Fitzgerald brothers, the Brown brothers and other notables like Geoff Towers, Jim Moran and, of
course, John Silkstone. Later Harry and Vince were to set up Burley ABC with Mick Walsh and Gerry
Cowan and that club thrived for a number of years until the premises were sold and a new gym had to
be found elsewhere in Leeds. It was then that Meanwood ABC came into being thanks to Meanwood
Working Men’s Club offering them space in the basement of their building in Stonegate Road. That
was in 1975 and in 1976, the boxing club boasted a record number of Yorkshire schools champions:
Dave Kettlewell; Dean Marsden; Michael Marsden; Bobby McGowan; Kevin Nicholson; John Walsh;
Mark and Martin Bateson. I wish there was time to name here everyone who ever boxed for Harry but
the list would be just too long. I think it fitting, though, to mention at least the England Internationals
and National Champions and runners-up who boxed at either Burley or Meanwood:


                               Bobby McGowan;
                               Jonny Walker;
                               Karl Davey;
                               Mark Davey;
                               Michael Egan;
                              Terry Domes;
                              Steve Megson;
                               Danny Thornton;
                               Levi Powell;
                              Paul Cunningham;
                               Lawton Pape;
                               Javed Chapman;
                               Craig Harding;
                              Greg King ,
                              Stefan Kane.